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About Yomann.comA small team of CSS/XHTML and PHP coders with 15 years exeperience in the business.

We are perfectionists, and we take on only a limited number of projects so that we are certain to maintain our quality and on-time delivery standards.

We don't work with all open-source CMS freely available from the net, preferring to build Custom Websites to fit your needs in looks and functionality. You can expect perfect code and a designs that are faithful to your ideas & taste. We know you give your best, and so do we.

Get more information about our pricing and services contact us and we will help you get your ideas into the World Wide Web. If you have any questions, just get in touch!

Our main developer has worked for several years as one of the lead developers for the Lufthansa website as well as other airlines and flight, accommodation & car rental search engines.

Our Portfolio.

Here are some of our latest projects. Many other projects we have been working in the last years have been done for third parties as sub-contracting jobs and are therefore not listed hereunder.

Web 2.0 Design and Logo. Custom built Website with Fully Featured Administration for leading mixtape company connecting social media, HTML5 audio and video players. Built in PHP and HTML5 using javascript, Ajax, jQuery, Captcha, XML Rss and MySql database.

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Our Website. Web 2.0 Design and Logo to maximise a fresh, dynamic look. Simple HTML5, CSS, PrettyPhoto, Dynamic Tag Cloud and jQuery based website with some PHP code and maximised SEO.

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Custom Web 2.0 Design applied to Joomla based Content Management System with splash page, administration and custom modules. Built in PHP and HTML using CSS, javascript, mooTools and MySql database back-end.

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Web 2.0 Design, fully featured Custom Website with for leading Book Lending company fully integrated with Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. Built in PHP and HTML5 using javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Amazon API, Facebook API, Twitter API, XML Rss and MySql database.

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Web 2.0 Design, fully featured javascript rich Custom-Built Social Website with Member's pages and Administration. Cache and RSS feeds. Built in PHP and HTML5 using javascript, jQuery, Ajax, XML Rss and MySql database.

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Web 2.0 Design, Custom-Built Website with Member's pages and Administration. Video and Paypal Integration. Built in PHP and HTML5 using javascript, jQuery, Ajax, XML MySql database.

Visit the Website Kazantzakis Publications Blog

Custom Web 2.0 Design applied to Joomla based Content Management System, administration and custom modules. Built in PHP and HTML using CSS, javascript, mooTools and MySql database back-end.

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Multi-lingual Job Board and RSS Feed aggregator with Separate entry for Candidates and Employers and Administration, using Cache, Google Ads integration and Rss Feeds. Built in PHP and HTML5 using javascript, jQuery, Ajax, XML Rss and MySql database.

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Media rich website built according to client's design, using cascading menu displaying video and photograph collections of Movie Director Michael Wong. The website is built in PHP and HTML5 and uses Slide Show Pro, SSP Director, javascript, jQuery and MySql database.

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What do we offer?

Small Business/Portfolio Website

Are you in need of an internet presence for yourself or your business? A blog, an internet leaflet or e-business card? We can build a stunning Website that fits your image and branding, follow a design you have in mind or create a web 2.0 design that , using popular CMS ( Content Management Systems) such Joomla or Wordpress, or a simple HTML/PHP website.

Custom Web Development

Custom Website Development is our daily bread. We love to create new websites with eye-catching design, original features and unique functionality. Intgrated Payment solutions, third party integration, social features, graphical interfaces, mobile interface, media integration, WYSIWYG page editing, member's pages and functionality, search engines, shopping baskets, blogs, fully featured administration, etc. You name it, we build it. Our technologies: html5, css, PHP, mySql, xml, ajax, javascript, jQuery, Flash. Our Websites are built with Search Engine Friendly (SEO) in mind.

Web Design

Our creativity has no boundaries. Our Web 2.0 designs are reaching out to the new Web 3.0 technologies: HD screens, Tablets, Mobiles and new platforms that allow so much more than you have seen up to now. Give us your input or leave it to us and we will come out with the design of your dreams.

Logo Design

Do you want a logo that sumarize your image and business? Or a simple logo that shows your name and looks good? We create original logos for any kind of need. Give us your input and we will come up with ideas and a logo that will fit your needs.

Mobile Application Development

Are you taking advantage of the new opportunities mobile devices bring to your business? Bring your website to the new generation of technology.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal.  If you would prefer to pay using another method, please contact us .


What is the payment policy?

We require a 50% deposit before starting work.  Once the work is completed and you have had an opportunity to inspect it on our server, we will invoice the final 50%.  Once payment has been made, we will immediately send the zipped theme files and database to you for installation (or install the themed CMS on your server if you have requested this service).


How mny projects do you accept at a time

We are a small team and we like our projects to be perfect. Because of this we only accept a very small amount of projects at the time, concentratin on one task at the time and scheduling projects to accomodate possible changes.

What type of design files do you work with?

We prefer files to be in PSD or PNG format, but we will also accept Illustrator files. Please  attach a 100% JPG of the layout with your submission.


Will your code validate?

Yes, we guarantee that our code will validate upon delivery of the theme.  However, we are not responsible for code within the CMS content or edits you  have made to the theme after we have finished the project.


What browsers do you test in?

We make our themes cross-browser compatible to the following browsers:  IE6, IE7, Firefox and Safari.  Need us to test in another browser?  Please let us know.


Do you code any Javascript or Ajax?

Each basic theme package includes one Javascript dropdown or flyout navigation element if this is part of your design.  Any additional Javascript or Ajax coding must be quoted upon submission of your design.


Do you offer support?

Of course we do!  You have 30 days to draw our attention to any problems with the appearance or validation of the pages we have themed for you and we will correct the issue within two business days.  Our dedication to customer service and support has earned us an excellent reputation.


Will your name appear on my site?

No, it will not.


I don't have a design. Can you create one for me?

We work exclusively with designers.  Therefore, we do not provide design services.


Will you use my project in your portfolio?

We would be proud to feature your project in our portfolio, but only if we have your permission.


Who will own the final themed CMS design?

You will retain all the rights to your design and your theme.


Will you keep a copy of my themed CMS?

No, we do not keep copies of themes past the service period.  Please ensure that you retain a backup.


If you have any other questions,  please contact us.

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